E3 at Best Buy

E3 is the world’s premier event for computer and video games and related products. For Best Buy it was identified as an area for growth and so marketing for the event was placed at a high importance. The business team’s goals were to show that Best Buy was relevant to the gaming audience and generate pre-orders for upcoming releases.

I created a concept that positioned Best Buy as a company that understood the trends in the market. I had to communicate the creative concept and why it would gain traction to non creative upper management.

Having gained approval for the concept in the initial creative review process I created an in-depth style guide. This guide would be the foundation blocks to Best Buy’s creative for the campaign. This process involved me holding multiple learning sessions with Best Buy production teams, teaching out the art direction to ensure consistency throughout the campaign. Once the guide was deployed, I worked with various production teams leading them through their applications of the art.

Creative & Art Director
Best Buy Canada