Employsure Campaigns

A core role for me during my time at Employsure was to work with the Campaigns team to roll out monthly campaigns, with a major campaign everything 3 months. I had the responsibility of helping craft the messaging as well as the visual identity of each campaign.

Whilst working on these campaigns I created a landing page template optimised for mobile and desktop which was concentrated on lead acquisition. I balanced visual aspects and the need to have a high converting acquisition page.

For each campaign I would create at least one landing page, an eGuide, social media assets, sales collateral, social media advertising and HTML5 Display Ad sets used in Double Click Manager.

I was also involved in creating a lead nurturing EDM sequence for Employsure contacts. I mapped out a user journey for the sequence and then created wireframes for the templates to present to necessary stakeholders. The two images are the templates that the entire sequence was based on.

View the suite of eGuides here.

Art Director